October 22nd, 2007

forget me nots

to-do, bb lady, yesterday

Today I have a haircut when I get out of work, then I'll pick up some of the photos (all the digital stuff, including the proofs from Denise's shoot), and then I have class at 4. I'll keep busy.

I talked to one of my ballot box people earlier. She reminds me a little of my grandma. It's interesting how I start to get to "know" the ballot box people sometimes. Some more than others because they leave longer comments or call at other times. She sometimes calls at other times. She's in her 80s, a widow whose husband worked for GM, her son died in 99 at age 56 or 57 I think she said. Her son had had trouble in school - public school at least - and did much better when he went to a Lutheran school but then had trouble again when he went back to public. She has had trouble with doctors and hospitals and doesn't trust them. This is perhaps not a good thing as she recently lost her balance and went face-first into her bedroom door. She's banged and bruised up and suspects she broke her nose. :( She seems to have difficulties getting things paid for and straightened out and so she just avoids going. Hopefully she's ok. She has a little dog named Triscuit. She's written in about him before. She said he used to sit next to her while she played the organ in church and would stare at people who talked in church until they quieted down. That amused me.

Yesterday I had every intention of going to Delta and getting some work done... right up until I went outside and felt hos lovely it was. So instead I spent the day taking pictures and walking. I had my digital with the lensbaby, my film camera with bw film and my holga with a roll of 35mm color film.