October 13th, 2007

forget me nots

Today is... + headache :( + softpaws

Today is International Skeptics Day and I don't know how I plan to celebrate. By doubting something I guess. In case I forget to post about it. Tomorrow is National Dessert Day. Have fun with that one. Yay for dessert!

My head hurts. I have snot. Perhaps the two are related. Or, perhaps this coffee I'm drinking will help. Biscuit already lost a cap. Actually he lost two but one I found and put back on. Steve just ordered more. What I put on them was all we had in the kitten size. We have large sized caps for the big kitties. Except probably Pumpkin cause she's the good cat.
forget me nots

journal styles

Ok a question for anyone who would know... I have an s2 style (component) that I made lots of color customizations for. If I wanted to play with the new beta customize thing and play with some new styles, would I be able to go back to what I have now without re-customizing? Cause if I can, then I'd feel free to have fun playing with them.
me with cow- awww!


I made cookies. Cookie bars actually but only because I was lazy and didn't feel like messing with individual cookes so I spread the whole bowl of stuff into the pan and baked it up.

They are yummy. Biscuit agrees. No surprise there. :)