September 30th, 2007

mikale monster RARRR!

portfolio and other stuff

Yesterday I worked on picking out images for my portfolio to be. It seems that I take more pictures of Mikale than anything or anyone else. I probably should try to get some things to round it out. Maybe start sorting through some of the things I've taken in the last year and a half but haven't processed.

Barb was supposed to be calling me this morning to come look at the washer. I haven't heard from her so far though. I need to take a shower. Going back to the Renaissance festival today.
forget me nots

contracts and stuff

The contract part is giving me trouble. There is one part that I need to have say a certain thing but I don't know how to say it in the way it needs to be said. I suppose it woudl be good to know that the rest of it is right too, but for the most part it's just the one thing. I don't know how to get this done in a way I can afford though. Blah.