September 20th, 2007

forget me nots

headache, picture no luck, want nap and cake

I'm kind of migraine-y again today. I'm tired and would like to go back to bed.

The babies were scratchy this morning. Not for as long though. The wandered off to another room after a while.

I didn't have a good-luck picture day yesterday. I wasted a lot of paper and became frustrated. Some days everything works easily and well and some days... not so much. Yesterday was a not so much day. I worked for a couple hours and ended up with only one picture. Several versions/copies but really only one frame from the roll. And the finished version I only made 2 of.

I should make a cake this afternoon. I have the stuff to make it. I just need the ambition. What I really feel like doing is going home and taking a nap.
forget me nots

yum yum cake and I want clothes

I am making a cake. It will be ready to take out in a few minutes.

Also, I want fall clothes from a number of places. Today I have drooled over things on the Old Navy site and the Victoria's Secret site. I also would like to go to a store we have here and look around. Alas, no money for this stuff. :(
frowny fish

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I am not as excited about my cake as I hoped to be. Alas, the butter that I mixed with the brown sugar that tasted so, so good on its own did not lend as perfect a flavor to the top of the cake. It doesn't taste *bad*, it's just that it doesn't go together somehow. Not to me anyway. I'll have to figure out something to do differently next time. I am determined to make this work out well. I want a cake I can enter into contests!