September 19th, 2007

rapcat 2

grr and ow ow ow

The kittens are being horrible right now! They keep treating my like their jungle gym and my legs are stinging with little baby claw wounds. Right now they are galloping up and down. Sometimes as they pass through they will suddenly leap up and grab my pants (LEGS) with their little claws, run up to my lap and then jump down, continuing on their path from one room to the next. I swear I did not give them crack for breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, I had pizza rolls for mine. Not really my best choice, though they were yummy. I've had my coffee and I'm trying to get down a big cup of water. My eyes are itchy. So are my ears.

Yesterday I cleared off my camera card. 2700 pictures. Actually more like 2600 because I (owowow Muffin!!) left yesterday's on there in case I wasn't done taking pictures for the day. I find it (OW!) easier to just do them by the day when organizing and backing them up than to go back and add to a day. It's not that much difference but saves just a little (AHHH!) time. (OW!)

I need to see if they make softpaws for itty bitty kitties. On this last run through I stopped Biscuit from jumping back off my lap and he chomped me. With a crazy look on his face and his little ears pulled back and tail swishing. I am prey. I do not like being prey.

I think it's probably a good thing I need to go get ready for work now.