September 11th, 2007

forget me nots

dads birthday, photo talk

Today is my dad's birthday. I need to call him tonight.

Class went well yesterday. Though I didn't get that much accomplished. Alas. We're getting a new assignment Wednesday (still with the infared film) so hopefully I will get some better stuff this time.

Today the babies go to the vet. Then we shall start de-flea-ing the house as best we can.

Also today I believe I will become the owner to my new photo site which will be more of a professional site. In the interest of not linking my real name with any of my other online stuff, it will not be named here. I need to get the site built and I'm not sure if I should try to do it myself or get help. I wanted Steve S.'s help but it sounds like he has quite a bit of other stuff to build at the moment. So I ought to go back to lissaexplains and start teaching myself some new tricks.
forget me nots

the de-flea-ing process

So I took the babies to the vet to have them weighed and (hopefully) acquire some products to take care of the fleas. Biscuit is 2.2 lbs and Muffin is 2.6 lbs. I already had 3 Frontline for the three big cats so I bought one each for the babies and also a Capstar pill for Biscuit. I think the fleas are in the process of dying a not so fun death 'cause he's tripping right now. I think the fleas are getting in one good last bite before they go. It's supposed to work within hours though so that's good. He needs it the most. The frontline starts working within 24 hours. The combination should do good things for him. I've been feeling so bad for him with his crusty scabby back and constant licking and scratching.

Last night Biscuit was eating frozen peas. Cats are weird.