September 5th, 2007

forget me nots


The other day I was talking to Mikale on the phone and he said they had been sleeping in. I said something about that not being for too much longer since school would be starting soon. He said something indicating that school was a word not to be mentioned and I said 'So you're looking forward to it, I see.' His reply - "I'm looking anything *but* forward to it!"

This amused me muchly.

Wonder how the first day went. He's in first grade this year. He's getting so old!
forget me nots

crampy, homework, class, baby baths; catch up, dream

I am feeling crampy. And hungry. I have a few snacks but I would like to make it through the morning without needing to visit the vending machine. Yesterday I managed. I had yogurt for breakfast, and an apple and some carrots with hummus later. Today I have a pudding cup, an orange and a granola bar.

When I get out of work, if it's sunny (and I hope it will be), I need to get some more pictures taken. The babies really need a bath too. I have hopes of fittinf both in. They are really itchy with their fleas and so they really need the bath. The little one, now also known as Biscuit, has lots of crunchy scabs too. So I'm thinking he may be allergic. Poor Biscuit. Poor muffin too. He also is itchy.

Then I have class from 4 - 7. We're developing film tonight. It's been a while and I'm not looking forward to it. I'm so sloooow at rolling film. It's my least favorite part. I have about half of the second roll shot. So if i get it finished today, good and if I don't, I think I'll still be fine.

Yesterday I got all sorts of stuff accomplished. After work, Steve and I went to get lunch. Then came JoAnne's where I bought some bleached muslin and some Rit dye (a blue and a gray, which I plan to mix). We stopped at the photo place and I bought my roll of film and ordered my test prints. They're going to be expensive. Hopefully they will turn out looking good and then I'll be able to use them to show people for examples. We went to Menard's and (I saved big money. ha!) I bought pvc pipe and connecty pieces, a large tub for dying my fabric and some twine to tie the fabric in a big bunchy ball before dying.

In the end, all that means that I have my backdrop stand (all pieces cut and confirmed that they fit together) and will have a blue-gray muslin photo backdrop. Wee!

After all the buying we went to g-ma's and I got some pictures taken near the garden. Then it was off to Barn and Harry's to cut the pvc pipe and make sure it would all fit together. It will be huge! It *is* huge!

And after all that it was getting late (for me) and I had to think about ending the day. We went to the store and go ice cream, which was dinner, and then it was home, ice cream, shower, bed. I had lots of dreams. When I woke up, I was dreaming that I was arguing with some girl about my clothes. I was with a bunch of people walking down the street in a not so great part of town (near my health center). There was a guy in front of me who was apparently wearing some designer stuff and the girl was walking next to me/behind me. She was being all snobby-like because mine weren't 'designer'. Weird dream and that was just the end part. I think earlier in it I had been somewhere else and I was eating a giant cinnamon roll.

Ok now I've had my little granola bar and I feel a little less like I'm starving. Hopefully I'll last a bit before I need to eat my pudding or orange.