September 4th, 2007

forget me nots

big mini kitties, aka the baked goods

I don't know how it got to be September already. Well I know how it happened. Mini kitties halped it happen. Poof. The time just disappeared. They are 8 weeks old as of Sunday. They're so big!

It's looking like they've pretty much been named. It was kind of an accident. I tested out a couple names, decided they didn't suit them, didn't come up with anything else and kept using the names and now, fitting or not, they've started to stick. So now we have our little baked goods. The big one is Muffin and the little one is Biscuit. Muffin actually knows he's Muffin I think. He comes running to it.

Now I must make my list of dead people. More after that. My to do list! Exciting stuff, I know.
forget me nots

and on to the things to do...

I need to buy another roll of infared film today. On Sunday Steve was helping me with the self-portrait part of my assignment (yes it is still a self-portrait if you have someone help you make sure its in focus and push the button. It's the set-up, ideas and composition that count) and he got a little trigger happy and shot like 8 in a row. Which is pretty substantial in a roll of $15 film. Alas. It also meant that I couldn't do any more work on my assignment Sunday or yesterday. I may have gotten some interesting things though. I had Mary in the garden in a bikini, sunning in all the overgrown vegetable plants. Then I had a couple of Barb Watering her with a watering can. The one (x8) of me was me messily and smushily eating a fresh tomato. I hope something out of there turns out. The other day I got my grandma in the garden; a couple nice standard portrait types and a couple with her poking her pitch fork at me in a threatening way.

So today I need to finish my assignment. I have to take more of me and I need to do some that will focus on motion.

I am also going to have the photo place do a couple enlargement prints of some photos I've printed at smaller sizes in the past. I don't expect them to turn out very well but I want to get an idea of what the quality will really be.

Then somewhere in there I need to fit some laundry.

No on to sort a bunch of mail.