August 29th, 2007

forget me nots

LiveJournal auto-post

Ok so this was made with that new auto-post toy. Fun! So it in no way should be read as a real entry. I'll make one of those too. Fake (but amusing) entry below.

Today the mini kitties went to the vet and after he put in the thermometer. And there's no question that the little one was .4 and the big one squatted and started peeing on the carpet. Also good in it's own way. It means I need to go wash my face. I feel greasy.

Today I should wash clothes. Lots of clothes. I should also work on more cleaning.
forget me nots

Writer's Block: Love Is In The Air

My first crush was in 3rd grade. A boy who I think hated me. Maybe this was because I showed my affection by kicking him in the shins, digging my nails into his arm and screaming as loudly and shrilly (is that a word?) as I possibly could into his ear. But really, I liked him a lot! Then we ended up at the same college. One night, out of nowhere, he tried to booty call me via IM. At that point, he was kind of a douche.

Who was your first crush? What were they like?