August 18th, 2007

forget me nots


I am headachy today. Stupid head. Still don't know what the deal is. I took two tylenol and I'm feeling a little better. It is still not all the way gone though. i do have hydrocodone that I'm still considering taking. Not yet though. I feel slightly nauseated with it. But headaches will do that to me. Plus I haven't eaten yet today and I had lots of fair food last night. I nibbled Mikale's and Steve's corn dogs, shared some cheese fries with Steve, had a "walking taco" (25 cent sized bag of doritos with taco meat, cheese and lettuce in the bag on top), an elephant ear and a hot fudge sundae.

The mini kitties are sleeping next to me. Earlier they were very frisky and playful. The little one climbs up on my shoulder as I lay here and chews on my ear. It hurts. Mini kitty teeth are sharp! The big one hit me in the nose, wee claws out. Methinks I'll have to teach them some boundaries.

My head ills remind me of the head troubles I had my first year at Central. I had headaches that seemed pressurey and sinusy but my sinus troubles seem to be more with the tubes in the other parts of the head rather than the nose part which is usually clear. And dizzy head spinny moments. I've had one of those lately. We never figured out what the problem was back then though (I even had a cat scan!) but I always figured it was some sort of something with my head tubes.