July 26th, 2007

forget me nots

mini kitties to vet today

I have an appointment to take the mini kitties to the vet today at 3:45. The two doctors working are the one I want to see and the one I don't. So I'm really really hoping I get the one and not the other. It will just depend on how it works out. Cross fingers and toes and such for me.

Yesterday I had a little blood on the rag when I was dabbing at the big one's bottom. Since I don't know if that means there is blood in his poo or if it's more that his bum is tender and bleeding from the stimulating I figured I'd have them in to be checked over. I should weigh them when I go feed them this morning. It's been a couple days.
forget me nots

biggest scare yet

Today the mini kitties went to the vet.

  • Both weighed. Lady told me that the little one was .4 and the big one was .6 but she also tried to tell me that that was 4 oz and 6 oz. Google tells me that .4 pounds is 6.4 ounces and that .6 pounds is 9.6 ounces. This is more in line with their earlier-today weighing on the postal scale.
  • Big one had temperature taken with hopes of getting a sample to check for parasites. It worked and he had none.
  • When picking up the thermometer to do the same to the little one he fumbled it a bit but almost right on the table so neither of us realized that the tip broke off. He attempted to insert, the little one cried out pitifully, *then* I noticed the blobs of mercury next to doctor's arm. I stopped him said 'hold on what is *that*???' and then we figured it out. Little one had bleeding bum and I saw a tiny tiny blob of mercury just at the ring of her butt hole. So it was slightly more visible when she would strain and slightly less so when she relaxed. Doctor got a plastic thing with saline and she had an enema. The blob clung to the inserted part and when he pulled out the thing, the blob came with it. I hope that with the liquid poo leakage that followed was any other potential mercury and glass bits.

    That scared the hell out of me.

  • They have kaopectolin that will hopefully make them more solid and more regular.
  • They have eaten and are now sleeping.