July 18th, 2007

forget me nots


I am tired and grumpy.

We recently were informed that we had the option of having our chairs cleaned and if we wanted to, then we were to leave them in a certain spot and then pick them up today. This was supposed to be optional and I was glad, figuring that I'd be all set since I didn't want it cleaned. Nothing to mess with.

So I come in today to find a note on my desk telling me to pick up my chair in the pick up spot. Grrrrr. Cause, you know, I didn't have anything else to be doing when I got here. So I went downstairs and of course the door was locked. I got the door unlocked and then had to wander around looking for my chair, hoping that whoever decided it needed to be cleaned also decided to label it. It was and another lady from another department found it.

Oh and now my ass is damp.

More grrrrrr. >:(

In other news, still no pooping with the mini kitties. The little one went Monday evening but I think this is going on day 4 for the big one. Later today I will run his little bottom under some warm water. I hope that will help. The girl from the vet's office suggested it. Otherwise I'll have to consult the doctor. They're still peeing plenty, and regularly and they're hungry and they don't appear to have discomfort or hard tummies. Just no poop.

Oh and coworker just came in and said that she took mine down for me when everyone else was taking theirs. I thanked her because it was the polite thing to do and she meant well. But my damp assed self doesn't feel very thankful right now.