July 15th, 2007

forget me nots

Mini kitties, plans for today, the ongoing tired

Mini kitties are growing. This is good. They eat really well, poop mostly well, and sleep the rest of the time. So far anyway. They're just out of their first week though so I'm taking this as it comes. I figure I'll keep them on their current schedule for the next week and then go from there. My grandma thinks I'm going to make them more neurotic by feeding them every four hours and getting them used to it but really, they need to get a certain amount of food each day, and they can only hold so much at a time. So if I didn't wake them up and feed them they wouldn't be getting adequate nutrition. So I'm doing it right, dammit!

They're starting to do little bits of purring after they're fed and their tummies are being rubbed and they're sucking on my hand. It's VERY cute. They're also getting fluffier/fuzzier. That poufy-ness that they get for a couple months before they start to look lankier and like small cats (Gracie has gotten bigger and is looking small cat-ish instead of kitten-ish now. This is good even if it does feel like I missed too much of her kitten time.)

Today I need to wash work pants and go to the store for more soft towels. I may or may not want the nap I've been taking between the 2:30 and 6:30 feedings. If I feel alright, I'll get more done. If I don't, oh well. Need the sleep.
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forget me nots

bigger mini kitties

I need to do laundry now. But first I wanted to post that they have gotten heavier! On friday, bigger mini kitty was 4.5 oz. and little mini kitty was 3.5 oz. Now bigger mini kitty is 5 oz. and little mini kitty is 4 oz.! Wee!

Ok now I gotta wash work pants.