June 14th, 2007

forget me nots

fleas and grandma

pasted from an e-mail:
"So I was sitting here this morning and a flea jumped onto my desk calendar.
I immediately did some serious googling just to make sure that I was correct
in thinking that people don't get fleas (they don't). So I think it probably
was one that hitched a ride from my car or from whatever I wore at my
grandma's yesterday. Which also means that we should probably get some
Frontline Plus for the cats cause those clothes were in the house last
night. I'm sure they're not all infested or anything (the clothes... cats
too actually) but better to be safe this time of year anyway. It made me all
paranoid though. I had that happen one time when I was on a subbing job too.
The only person to see it happen was an autistic kid and I hoped he didn't
think it jumped off of me."
My grandma had her thing yesterday. They didn't find any blockage. This is
good, but also means they need to keep looking for it to find out where it
is. They didn't find anthing from the ultrasound either.