June 13th, 2007

forget me nots

birds, spider, g-ma, gracie

Birds keep swooping in front of my car as I drive. Then I don't know if they
mae it safely or not. I don't like it. It freaks me out.
There was a too-big-for-my-tastes spider in the bathtub this morning. I was
already really running late so I just left it there. I have hopes that Steve
relocated it. Received text. Spider was evicted. Good.
I had a harder time than usual falling asleep last night. Probably because
it was still light.
My grandma is supposed to have her heart scoped today. She doesn't want to,
doesn't think that's where they will find something, and, as of yesterday,
wasn't sure that she was going to go. It all worries me.
I haven't found anything to do about Gracie's fleas. She's too small/young
for just about everything. All I've found is that I can/should use original
blud Dawn dish soap. But Gracie does not like baths and fights me terribly
and mews pitifully and so I didn't get rid of as many as I hoped to when I
gave her a bath in it yesterday. And it's so hard to puck them off by hand.
They move out of the way before i can get a good grip on them and the comb
doesn't catch them well either.