June 1st, 2007

forget me nots

sleepy, messages, out early

I had something that I was just all set to write about and I've already
forgotten what it was. My brain is kind of smushy today. I woke up mid dream
and that tends to do that.
I wonder why people think it's better to have someone take a message rather
than leaving a voice mail for a person. If they leave a message with
me a person, they have to rely on my that
person's note-taking, which is might be somewhat lacking
when they talk so damn fast. Also, then the only way the person will get the
message is if they actually come in and physically see it. A voice mail can
be retrieved from elsewhere. Very convenient.
I want a nap. I will not get one. I will get out a little early today
because I was here over yesterday. This is nice on a Friday.