March 30th, 2007

forget me nots


I started doing some print hand coloring yesterday. I sharpened all of my
colored pencils at once and gave myself blisters on my finger and thumb. I
think I will need to acquire the spray to give it a more matte surface
though. The colors just don't go on well enough on the luster finish.
Had a long walk yesterday. It was pretty nice out. Cool but sunny so it
wasn't unpleasant.
Sarah has been out sick. Yesterday and today. It's lonely here!
All the bits of my amazon order have shipped. Now I can impatiently wait for
them to arrive.
Steve bought a new exercise ball. This is good. The one I have keeps getting
squooshy. So sad
rapcat 2


I want food. But I've eaten plenty of bad stuff and should really go light for dinner. But I don't wanna. Alas.

Ok I've had a not too terribly unhealthful salad, some broccoli and I'm going to have some soup. Probably better than the egg salad sandwich and ice cream cake I had earlier.
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