March 10th, 2007

forget me nots

Yesterday's update

I have tasty cookies today that are probably not my best snack choice. But they are so yummy! Somehow it is Friday again and I seem to have lost another week. Weird how that keeps happeneing!
Yesterday I did the exercise ball workout DVD. I figure anything that gets me moving is a good thing. And I'm feeling better about the ball and not so worried about breaking it or something. Also went walking last night. Just need to try to get in something each day. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. If it's between sleeping and exercise, I will probably choose sleep.
This morning The Baby Cat had a plastic ring from an Airborne container and was carrying it around. He would not let me take his 'prey' from him. He ran away when I tried. He amuses me.
Working on drinking more water. Did a little better yesterday. Not doing too badly today. So far anyway.