February 7th, 2007

forget me nots

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I have Hello Kitty Meow-Berry pop tarts today. It doesn't feel like it ought
to be Wednesday already. It was less cold today but it really didn't feel
better. It took a while before my windshield would defrost.
Yesterday I developed two rolls of film. I really need to get the stuff to
start doing that at home. I'm so slow. I would feel better about it if I
were at home and could take my time. So I did the one roll, set it to dry
and then did the other. I had company for the second roll. A dude in the
class who had been off with some sort of plague had a roll to do too. It was
his first time developing so I felt a little better about being slow.
I am unenthused with these rolls as well. I think I've been feeling
discouraged. I would like to get one or two decent roll shot. That would
make me feel better and possibly get me going back on the right track.
Later I'll maybe do some scanning.