January 29th, 2007

forget me nots

daily blabber

I am snacking on Olive Oil and Black Pepper Triscuits. They're pretty good.
I spent about 3 hours in the photo lab yesterday. I developed 3 rolls of
film - 2 120 rolls from the Holga and one roll of 35mm from the regular
camera. There really wasn't anything too exciting on there. I had a few
pictures from christmas and then a few of Matt on the end that didn't end up
as interestingly exposed as I was hoping they would be. Ah well.
I think my next project, if I can find some foam to make it easier, will be
to send a roll of 35mm through the Holga. Perhaps I'll look up the info on
that today.
I never ended up putting the Sims on my laptop. I was going to but I don't
know where the first disk is. I thought it was in the box with the second
but it isn't. So no Sims for me. It's probably for the best.
I am wearing my itchy sweater today. It always starts out feeling fine so I
gorget how itchy it is. Then I'm scratching all morning.
When I get out of work I should do some cleaning. The house is a disaster.
Darn kitties.