January 22nd, 2007

forget me nots


Woke up all migraine-y today. Hate that. Perhaps that's what was up with my head yesterday. I kind of suspected. My eyes still feel all weird. But I can see again. Woo! I need to finish my coffee and get moving. I have a hair appointment today. Another trim. It is growing. Pretty quickly. I may get to donate some yet.
forget me nots


Pat scared me this morning.
I got my water bottle out of the fridge, set it on the counter and then
walked out without it. So I put my purse in the car, brushed the snow off
the car and then went back in the house to grab the water. In that short bit
of time, Pat came out her door and was going into her garage. So she was
right behind me when I was closing the door and when she said good morning
to me I about jumped out of my skin. I am too jumpy.
After I get my hair trimmed, I ought to go to Saginaw Photo and pick up the
senior picture prints. They were ready Wednesday but I never made it there.
Then I can let Denise know to pick them up.