November 28th, 2006


bleedy, surgery, pictures, hedge apples

I feel not so fabulous today. Crampy and bleah. I have my supply of
ibuprofin though.
Last week I found out my surgery date is December 14. Coming up pretty
quickly. Two weeks from thursday. This is exciting.
I spent yesterday afternoon/evening with my grandma. I cleared pictures off
of my camera and showed her The Baby Cat and Jack with his softpaws. We also
walked down the road and picked up these lumpy things she found. We gathered
a bag of them. From what I found when I looked online, they look to be Osage
Oranges, also called hedge apples. They're weird looking things.
forget me nots

healthful eating

Hey people good at healthful snacking (or others who are just good at
healthful eating):

Are cheap and healthful able to co-exist when it comes to non-snacky eating?
Or is it pretty much one or the other?