November 27th, 2006

forget me nots

thanksgiving day and days before and after

So let's see. I've been slacking on the writing lately. I feel like I
skipped it the last whole week.
Wednesday night I went out to Old Town with my friend Steve. We couldn't get
into the place where Steve's brother works because Steve wasn't wearing the
right clothes so we went to Retro Rocks, had a drink, then left because we
didn't know anyone there. We went down to the Pub and stayed there for the
rest of the night. We didn't know anyone there either but it was ok. There
was live music and it was a little less crowded.
Thanksgiving was nice. The day and the weather. Sadly, weatherwise, I missed
the whole thing. Maybe we should have done a Thanksgiving picnic outside. It
felt like it was nice enough for it. It has been pretty nice since then too.
So Thanksgiving it was a smaller group than usual because Barb and Harry
didn't come. Barb had to work that day. Alas. So it was Mary, Tom, Mikale,
grandma, me, Steve, and a little later in the evening, my uncle, John, came
over too. After dinner we played Clue. Mary, John, g-ma, me and Steve.
Mikale was sad because he couldn't play. We couldn't stay too late because I
had to work on Friday.
Friday was a very quiet day at work. I had stuff to do and reading for the
rest so it worked out. Later, I took a really long walk with Mike and Patch.
It was so so nice out. I also did some shopping with him and helped him pick
out stuff for his new bed. I like helping people shop.
We have curtains in the big room now! Wee! We bought a double rod and two
sheer panels for one layer. I don't know what we'll put for the other layer
but it's nice to have something in there. There also will soon be furniture.
It was picked out and ordered on Saturday. It might look like a real house
yet. Still not sure how to set up the big room. It really is so big and not
used for the tv so it seems like it ought to be sectioned off maybe. I don't
know. I guess we'll have to look at it when the furniture is all there.
Today I have a haircut.