November 16th, 2006

forget me nots

kitty stuff, breakfast, baths bedtimes and perfume

Jack has lost one of his new claw covers. I don't know if I put enough
adhesive in any of them though. So I'll attach a new one later today.
Also, the baby cat this morning ran up and swatted the "other kitten"
reflected in the dishwasher. He amuses me.
Pie for breakfast again. I still had some left after yesterday and it needed
to be eaten. So it made a fine breakfast. Along with coffee and blueberry
yogurt. Not all mixed up though because that would have been yucky.
Last night I had a bubble bath (a whole Ma Bar and a Romance in a Stone (link)) and some Sleepytime tea
and an early bedtime. I'm such an old lady sometimes. Today's BPAL (link) is
Gluttony. Yesterday I wore Jack. It had been a while I always forget how
much I like it. On me it smells like warm peach pie filling.
forget me nots


Anyone have ideas for me for healthful (ish?) snacks I can take to work?
Most be something that can remain unrefrigerated for a few hours or that
doesnt need it at all. For a while I was doing pretzel sticks with Nutella
and I've done the granola bar thing but sometimes all the sweet gets to be
unappealing (and even with all the varieties out there, one can only eat so
many snack bars).