November 7th, 2006

forget me nots

mary/g-ma birthday, bad Jack, shopping

A Happy Birthday today to Mary and my grandma.
Mikale doesn't have school today so I won't be picking him up. I'm not sure
if Mary is going to be working today or hanging out with Mikale. He was
hoping she wanted to celebrate her birthday by going to Chuck E Cheese I
This morning Jack was not my favorite cat. I had a little baby ham sandwich
and I was making a couple baby pieces of toast with apple butter with the
edges of the bread. So I was at the counter spreading on my caramel apple
butter and when I turned around I was less my top piece of bread and some of
my ham. Down on the floor happily munching on my bread and ham was Jack. So
I squirted him with the kitty shooter, took back my bread (threw it away
though. I swear I only considered eating it for a moment.) and fed the
little scrap of ham to Pumpkin (who is not horrid.)
Yesterday I picked up Mikale from school. I took him to hang with g-ma and
checked out the mail. I had a BPAL package, some catalogues and some
earth-friendly bags for picking up poop that I ordered as a gift. I got some
gas for the lawn mower for my grandma and filled up my car. After that I did
get to do my shopping. First stop was Bath and Body Works. I sniffed new
stuff and oohed squeeked over sparkley things. I picked up some gifts and
some yummy smelling things I had to have, including a couple things for the
house. So now I have an oil warmer with a couple lovely scented oils and a
hand soap/lotion set for the kitchen. Then came Old Navy. I got my tank tops
and a few things from the clearance rack. They have so much stuff on
clearance right now. It was a little overwhelming.
I had a bath full of twinkles last night and then some Sleepytime tea. Then
I was indeed sleepy and went to bed around 9. Big yay to that.