October 31st, 2006

forget me nots

daily blabber and to-do

So yesterday I accomplished my to-do list. That's always good. I bought
food, I washed my work pants, checked on my class (I can register thursday
at 1 pm), I picked up Mikale, brought him back to Steve's and fed him a
little bitty ham sandwich and a brownie, we played in the TV room on all the
pillows, I had some tea, I went to Mike's, ate Chinese, walked a ton. It was
lovely yesterday. So nice. Still nice this morning. I don't know when it's
supposed to cool down. Hopefully not just yet.
There are people dressed up today. I am amused. I'm going to try to get
My feet feel ouchy and squishy like I have blisters a bit below the surface
on the balls of my feet. That's what I get for taking a long walk in the
wrong shoes.
Today's to-do list:
  • take cat food to g-ma
  • wash sweaters and maybe button-down that has a spot on it
  • mix up magic pee stuff and try to get pee spot out of the mattress
  • change light bulb in porch light