October 30th, 2006

forget me nots

to-do today

Today I will try to accomplish some things. I'm picking up Mikale from
school but I will bring him back to Steve's until Mary picks him up. When i
get out of work I'll stop and get bread and ham and whatever else might
capture my attention at the bakery/deli. I should wash my work pants and get
them started drying. I also need to start figuring out when I can register
for retaking photo 1 for the coming semester. I think registration starts
today but I don't have enough credits there to be one of the first. I didn't
bother transferring my credits since I don't plan to get any sort of degree
from Delta. So I didn't see a point.

So today's to-do list:
  • buy food
  • pick up Mikale
  • wash pants
  • look up class info