October 12th, 2006

baby snow man


I think it's supposed to be very cold today. They're predicting snow and accuweather says it's like 32 with a "real feel" temp of 22. Big bleah to that. I haven't acquired a new coat yet and I haven't gotten last year's cleaned. So it's grubby. Like really grubby. And this means I don't have a coat to wear. I do not want to go out there.

I just had toast with chocolate peanut butter. Mmmm. And a banana. Now I'm having coffee. My nose is itchy.

I got up today a few minutes before my alarm would have gone off. I hate that. Missing out on those last few minutes of sleep. I know it doesn't really make a difference. I just like to squeeze out as much sleeping time as I can.
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forget me nots

grumbly things

So yeah. I don't like cold weather. I think I may have forgotten how much.
My car door was not cooperating. Something in there got too cold, I think,
and didn't want to move back in place allowing it to close all the way and
latch. I can only be glad (and really, I wouldn't have though I'd be glad
about this) that it happened once before, so I had a little memory of what
it was doing and what to do to make it work. Only I didn't fully remember so
I wasted a few minutes trying to mess with it with my fingers before I
finally went back in the house and got a screw driver. But now it's better.
Before it was better, it made me grumbly and swear-y.

And Mike wrote the ballot box question. Which means people are more likely
to answer it. Which means I may have a sweaty slimy ear tomorrow.

And I'm seeing migraine spots. Which means it's time to take some drugs.

And I think I might start bleeding today. Which means it's really time to
take drugs. And later I will have to go to the bathroom and make sure I'm
not leaking messily all over my pants. That's always nice.
forget me nots

achy bits

I can see again (a plus, considering my job) but now I just have this dull
ache in my head and a dull ache in my lower abdomen. Bleah to that.