October 4th, 2006

forget me nots


I went out to get the papers. In the rain. And then the door wouldn't open
for me. So I had to wait for somene to come by. Stupid door. Stupid morning
papers. Stupid rain.

I also do not like coming in and not finding thigns on my desk that are
supposed to be there. Like my pens. And my notepads. They come in different
colors and I like the pretty ones. It bothers me when people take them off
my desk. I end up having to hide things and put my name on things just so
they don't disappear. Apparently if someone isn't there, it's ok to go
rummaging through their desk and taking things. Grrr.

Also, I didn't have time to drink my coffee. And the storm woke me up. And I
was hot and that woke me up. So I'm tired. More Grr.