September 26th, 2006

forget me nots

starving Pumpkin, Steve back, changes at work

Pumpkin hardly ate a thing the whole time Steve was gone. He was only gone a
few days but she was noticeably thinner by the time he got back last night.
She must have really missed him. She started eating again right away. This
morning she had an empty fod dish for the first time since probably
Thursday. Poor starving Pumpkin!

He got back last night and we had dinner together. He came bearing gifts and
Lots of Lush. I had a list of new things to try and not-new things I needed
more of. So before bed, I took a shower and came out feeling fresh and
Lush-y clean. Yay! He also brought me a Hello Kitty ice cube tray, a
Chococat photo frame and a bunch of hair sticks.

I'm a little sniffley today. I took a decongestant this morning and it's
making me feel a little off in the head.

Today I am picking Mikale up from school. He'll have his second piano lesson
and then, as far as I know, I'm taking him to grandma's. I have some cake
baking to do tonight for the farewell potluck for the retiring clerk. Her
last day is Friday. I also thought about doing these chocolatey Oreo bars
instead of the cake. They're tasty and easy. I would need to pick up butter
and a package of Oreos.

We shall see.

In other news, with the changing of schedules and duties around here I was
able to give up the mail sorting. This pleases me.