September 21st, 2006

forget me nots

I never know what to title these posts of odds and ends

Yesterday I got all photo cards cleared off. Didn't start doing anything
with any of the pictures but at least that was a good start. My car was
making a weird noise yesterday and then when I got Barb to listen to it, of
course it didn't do it. First thing this morning it started again. That's
the way it goes.

I'm picking Mikale up from school today and tomorrow. I hope I'll be able to
get a parking spot again. I was lucky the past two times.

Today/tomorrow's ballot box is probably going to bring out a lot of very
opinionated people. I asked Mike if he hates me. It was his doing. So I
better try to get an early start tomorrow.

I decided today that I don't really like the pants I bought. One pair (I'm
wearing them) is (duh) wearable. But I'm not sure that I'll be able to
convince myself to wear the other pair. They're too high waisted and just
make me look pudgy. It shouldn't be so hard to find what I'm looking for.
The ones I'm wearing would be pretty close to perfect if they had horizontal
pockets. Maybe I'll start trying to look online.