September 13th, 2006

forget me nots

Mikale, piano, itchy

Today and tomorrow I'm picking Mikale up from school. I think I'll go early
to get a feel for it and to try to get a parking spot no the street instead
of trying to deal with the parking lot. I'll just bring a book and wait.
Books are useful that way.

My throat is sore. It always happens when the season changes. I get itchy
and allergy-y feeling and start itching my throat in my sleep and wake up
with it sore. Grr to that.

Last night I went with my grandma to listen to a guy play ragtime music. I
invited Steve along and he seemed pleased. Steve digs it more than I do. I
don't dislike ragtime. It's pretty happy stuff. It just doesn't inspire me
the way Baroque period or Classical period piano does. that makes my fingers
twitch and makes me really, really miss playing.

And speaking of the piano, today I'm going to give Mikale his first piano
lesson. I'm going to need to brush up on the teacher parts that accompany
the student bits. With the simplicity of the early stuff, they're really
necessary to make it sound like something. I'll have to dig up my books
today. I want a piano. Specifically, for various reasons, I want a Yamaha
Clavinova. Just don't have the extra $2500 layin around. Too bad.