August 26th, 2006

not amused


So we spent the evening cleaning up kitty ass leakage from various parts of the house. I don't know what was up with her. She spent the night confined to the Hello Kitty bathroom and I went in to find no mess. She had knocked the towel I left for her to sleep on into the water dish so she had no bed, no water, and because it covered the other dish too, no food. *sigh*

But she seems to be leak free today. To the kitty doctor she will go on monday. I just hope the house survives it. It was gross.

So today we're putting on another door and she is officially banned from any of the carpeted rooms until she is for sure all better.

She leaked puddles on the foof chairs, left drips all over on all the carpets, left a puddle on a couple of my blankets, left some drips on the window sills, left drips on the hard floors, drips in the bathroom. Ugh.

Poor Pumpkin and her poor leaky ass.


I am baking another (probably) ugly cake. Hopefully this one will be tasty just like the last. It helps make up for the ugliness. I don't know how it will go, though, because I changed the recipe a little. I made the Darn Good Chocolate Cake but this time I used milk chocolate chips and I added a ring of halved twinkies (this is sort of combining a recipe in the Twinkie cookbook with the Darn Good recipe). More than I want the actual cake, I want cake practice and to use up more of my eggs. I'm tired. When the cake is done, I think I will set it to cool and then go to bed.
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