August 16th, 2006

forget me nots

dream, hungry Pumpkin, cake, undies, postcards

I felt again like I got enough sleep. I like this. I got to bed around 10
and this seems to work for me. Which is weird. Because by the weekend I
still feel like I should have more to catch up but it seems to be fine
during the week. I think I had a dream about Wil Wheaton. We were riding
bikes with some other dude in my old neighborhood. On River street, next to
the fence, there was an electric keyboard and I was trying to play but it
wasn't going well and I wanted to practice and try again later. There was a
guy a little farther down who was asking for my bike and I told him no. I
hoped he wouldn't nitice and steal my keyboard but he didn't seem
interested. Then came the part where I was riding down the street with dude
and Wil Wheaton. Weird.

Right after the alarm went off this morning Pumpkin ran in and started
rubbing and weaving around my ankles. She must already know that the alarm
means I'm getting up and it's breakfast time. Her dishes were both empty so
apparently she was starving. :)

Today I am baking a cake to bring to work tomorrow.

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