August 12th, 2006


finally bleedy, need shower, want food, want happy face

I am crampy - and bleedy - as of yesterday. Bleah. But yay bleah cause it means I'll go back to normal in many different ways now.

I was going to go take a shower but now I've sat here so long wasting so much time that I wonder if I ought to wait for Steve. He went to do stuff but when he returns, he will be bringing biscuits. But maybe that will be a long time from now. We shall see.

At the moment my wireless seems to want to be working. I might finally not have to be tethered to this one room here. Wee!

I need to get some baking soda and see if that will help my poor unhappy face. Nothing seems to want to help it and it is unhappy and this makes *me* unhappy. Bleah.

My eyes are itchy. A shower would help with that too. And make me clean and smelling fresh. Maybe I ought to shower now after all.

Pumpkin caught four more birds the day before yesterday. My grandma wants her to move out. So she will be. Within the next couple days.