August 4th, 2006

forget me nots

car, damp ick, girlie appt., bird, walk

My car has been heating up. I should (and will) put water in it before I
leave work. Hopefully I'll see where to put it and not have to feel (or
look) stupid. I don't know that that's what it needs, but it's a better
guess than nothing.

This morning I woke up at 5:30. It was a little disappointing. Usually I'll
wake up earlier, often around 4:00 and then happily roll over and sleep some
more. Couldn't do that this morning. So sad. I was dreaming of my old house.
I didn't go in it but it was there and I was in the driveway.

I was trying to find underwear for today and I grabbed some out of a bag I
had brought them to Steve's in. They must have been damp-ish when I put them
in and then I forgot about them because they smelled strongly of that damp
moldyness that my bedroom at home smells of. Ewww. Fortunately not
everything in the bag smelled that way. So it won't all have to be rewashed.
Still. Eww. Also, the basement at Steve's smells basementy. And that
basementy smell has travellled up he stairs so the area around the doorway
to the basement stairs smells basementy too. I'm thinking a dehumidifyer and
a fan should help that. It's been so humid lately.

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Time to sort the mail. Joy.