July 19th, 2006

fish music ocean ::shelle::


Had a strange dream last night. It felt strange anyway.
I was riding with Mike in a car. He was driving. We drove past something in
the road. I don't remember what now. Anyway, he drive over something and it
made a loud sound and it kept making noises. We pulled up to a group of
three or four creepyish men and they started jacking up the car. I didn't
understand why until I figured he must have a flat tire. I think I accepted
it then, though they were just by the road and it still seemed weird. While
they were doing their thing all these creepy-ish children came around the
car and they were talking to us. There was one little boy in particular.
Young, delicate features, dark blue eyes, dark hair. I don't remember
anyhting that he was saying now, just that he was pretty.

Then we were in the back of a car with Mary driving, Tom riding with her in
the front. He was talking and being weird and Mary seemed to be trying to
quiet him, perhaps embarrassed. He was talking about being in some drug support group but he seemed like he was intoxicated and he was laughing. Just weird.