July 18th, 2006

forget me nots

crafts, storms, no grapes

Yesterday was very warm. I worked until 12, went to Steve's and had lunch,
and then went home for a while. I fed and visited the baby blue jay, played
online a bit, talked to a couple people. I looked up instructions on how to
make a skirt out of a pair of jeans. I have at least one pair that are on
their way out so I might as well make something wearable from them.
Unfortunately, they have wear in the chub rub spot and I think that will
show. Not sure what I'll do about that. Guess I'll have to see what it looks
like and then decide. I might have to patch them or lay it out a little
differently. It wouldn't matter much if they were only ripping but they're
also pilling. Must be because they have some stretch to them. I don't think
I've had jeans do that before. It looks like a very doable project. I need
to dig out my seam ripper and start taking them apart.

I also looked for instructions on making powder puffs, preferably out of
something like monster fur. I had no luck so I guess I'll just wing it.

It was stormy last night. Lots of wind and lightning. Quite lovely. I really
enjoy storms.

I brought a bowl of grapes with me today but I left them in my car. :(