July 10th, 2006

forget me nots

Just another day here in animal land

I got home and I was thinking about my dog. Just little things. Like how she sounded when she wanted something or wanted to come outside. She'd whine. I'll never hear her whine again, never see her wiggle cause she's happy to see me, never step in her little pieces of dog poop that she'd leave around the yard. She'd walk along as she went, dropping a little here, a little there. Making it always fun to walk from the house to the car if you were not paying attention.

I thought I'd come out here to the picnic table, check my email, maybe address some post cards. I grabbed my computer, my mail stuff box, my water. I sprayed my feet and hands with a little mosquito spray. As I walked out front to the table, I saw the fat cat, Marilyn, trotting by with a bird in her mouth. I set my stuff on the table and followed her, cooing about what a nice and pretty girl she is oh yes a pretty girl now stop and put the bird down already. Eventually something must have worked cause she stopped, set it down and it just lay still on the ground. I walked over and she took off but I saw that it was alive. It opened its mouth and made a sound at me that I have no idea how to spell. A little bird noise. Use your imagination. It lay on it's back and I scooped it up in my cupped palm. Almost immediately it went to sleep. Cute little thing. I took it in the house and, holding it in one hand and working with my other, I found a cardboard box (hey it's handy sometimes doing all the online shopping I do!) and a towel. I started fluffing up some cotton and made a little cushy bed on top of the towel in the box. I tossed the cotton I didn't need back into the drawer. For some reason this woke it up and it made it's noise again and fluttered a bit, flipping over in the process. Then it went to sleep again. So I sat in a chair at the kitchen table holding the sleeping bird. After a while it woke up and when I tried to get it a little better situated it fluttered around some more and landed in my lap. It let me pick it up again and I put it in the box I readied earlier. That's where it is now. It looks like a baby. It's wing is a little gimped up and it's missing a few feathers but it doesn't seem too bad off. My grandma is going to try to figure out what it is so she has a better idea what to do with it and how to feed it. It's shaped like a blue jay. But just a little baby one. And cute.

Also, there is an inch worm under my :/; key and some weird looking bug under my F8 key. My yard is buggy.
forget me nots

more bird stuff

Since I last wrote I have saved two more birds. Yes. It is a big bird rescuing day here. Apparently. The last two were caught by Pumpkin. Both appeared to be unhurt. The first was a gold finch. She put it down and when I walked over to her she ran away. She always does. She doesn't want to be caught or made to come inside. I reached out and touched the bird lightly and it opened its eyes and flew up to a tree.

Later I was in the house for a moment and heard a bunch of squawking outside. I looked out and saw blue jays swooping and yelling and being not happy. I also saw Pumpking running across the yard, bird in her mouth. It, too, was squawking. So I followed her. She put it down, I scooped it up. It's perfect. Not a scratch on it. But it's a baby. Not flying yet. We couldn't find the nest. The parents are easy enough to find but I don't know if they could take it anywhere. So it doesn't seem like a very good idea to just put it down somewhere. Kind of like putting out the helpless, tasty birdie buffet. So now it's in my bathroom in the box with the other one, which I now know is not a blue jay. I don't know what it is, but it's not a jay.