June 18th, 2006

forget me nots

she's got issues

Yesterday I had places I was supposed to go. Things I should have been doing. And then I didn't. I feel bad about this cause I have no good reason for it. The idea of going, getting there, kinda freaked me out. But no more than usual for me. And this was sort of important. I don't know how I can make so much progress sometimes and then at others it's like nothing is any different. So instead of going up north yesterday, as I should have, I stayed in. I played online, read books, ate ice cream and popsicles... pretty much all day and evening.

Right now I have a glass of iced tea and I'm waking up. It's gray and blowy outside but the temperature is nice. I like days like today. Pretty much any non-cold blowy day is fine by me. I like wind.
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    the wind outside