May 31st, 2006

forget me nots

sleepy, sugar cookie everywhere

I have hopes that today will be a good napping day. Some afternoons are just
great for it. It looks gray but if there is any breeze coming in the windows
I will be pleased. When I know I'm not going to sleep enough or I'm only
going to get probably 5 hours or less, I seem to be more aware of my dreams.
I still don't always remember them but I remember more that I did dream. I
think my sleep seems less heavy then. That could be why.

Yesterday I was putting some BPAL Sugar Cookie 05 in a smaller bottle to
give away and I tipped over the big bottle. As I was trying to get that
picked up I poured out almost half of the bottle I was filling. I seem to
like to pour that stuff all over. It's what ended up all over my steering
wheel the other day too. Too bad too cause it's a limited edition and I like
it. But at the rate I'm going it won't last all that long. My desk smells
good now I'm sure. My grandma came out of her bedroom and immediately
bleahed asked me what I had on. She's not a big fan of the desserty scents
that I seem to like.