May 29th, 2006

mosquito splat

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Had a headache yesterday. My head still feels a little tender today. Perhaps it was migraine.

Yesterday was good. Gathering with food at my house. Yay to that. Was me, Steve, g-ma, Mary, Tom, Mikale, Barb, Harry, and Matt. We cooked food n the grill. Had a good time preparing stuff. In addition to meat we did up veggies- some on sticks, some in packets. Lots of garlic. My hands still smell like garlic today. Hopefully it's just my hands and not just me in general. I did eat a lot of it. And the mosquitoes mostly left me alone. Hmmmm. We played a lot of badminton (sp?). We don't keep score though. We just like trying to get it going back and forth well. Apparently, I'm not too bad at it. Nice to find out. My arm is a little sore today but I had an excellent time. And I even managed to not get a sunburn.

Last night I had such a dreadful headache and drugs wouldn't touch it. I felt rather nauseated. I ran a cool-ish bath as soon as we walked in. Cocktailed a French Kiss buble bar and a Golden Slumbers bomb. I didn't stay in long though. I just wanted to crawl into bed. I fell asleep quickly in spite of the head ouchyness and all the caffeine I had through a couple doses of different excedrin.