May 26th, 2006


bleah, walk, breakfast

Feeling bleah. And crampy. Took drugs. I'm tired. This morning Steve started
snoring loudly exactly 15 minutes before I had to get up. Then as I was
looking at the clock figuring this out, I noticed that I forgot to set my
alarm. So Steve woke me up exactly 15 minutes beofre my alarm would have not
gone off anyway. So I guess, for once, it wasn't such a bad thing. Too bad
he couldn't have started snoring loudly 15 minutes later though.

I went walking last night. It was nice. Not too hot by the time we went. I
would have roasted otherwise. But I do need it. The walking, not to roast.

I had a chicken sandwich for breakfast this morning. It was good. My coffee
turned out just about perfectly too. Not too coffee-y or too cocoa-y. Sadly
it doesn't seem to have done me a lot of good. But I didn't get to bed
terribly early so I guess it makes sense.