May 23rd, 2006

forget me nots

Stumpy the hunter, spider coffee

The lady who lives in the other side of Steve's duplex has a couple cats. I
don't know if they're indoor-outdoor or just outdoor. We don't see them too
often. One has a short tail. We call him Stumpy. We usually just call the
other one 'the other one'. Their names are Mike & Ike though. So Stumpy is
quite the hunter. He leaves Pat gifts from time to time. I actually asked
her yesterday afternoon as I was walking out which one was the hunter. We
suspected it was Stumpy. So sometimes I'll come out and see mouse pieces,
once there was a bird piece and some feathers, and one day there was just
blood in a couple little pools next to her mat and in a couple splatters on
the side of the house. (I asked her about that too. I guess that was a
bunny.) She said she had had some serious talks with him about the gifts he
leaves. He probably doesn't understand why she doesn't want them. She said
she buries them and that he probably things she's saving them for later.
That amused me. But he might.

So last night I think we may have heard Stumpy in the act. We heard what
probably were death-squeaks from something out there and when I opened the
window and looked out, Stumpy came from that direction. I asked him if he
was killing things again and told him that I hoped it wasn't any more
bunnies. There was nothing on her mat this morning. So whatever it was, it's
somewhere else.

This morning I was making coffee and when I put in the water I noticed a
green spider floating in the coffee maker. Bleah. I hope that doesn't mean I
had spider coffee yesterday. So I got a spoon, fished him out, and went on
making the coffee.