May 18th, 2006

forget me nots

dream- blanket eating me

Yesterday I took a nap when I got out of work. It took me a little while to
fall asleep, as it usually does when I nap, and I was just kind of drifty. I
must have actually fallen asleep somewhere in there though because I had
what must have been a dream, though it felt like I was still just drifting.

The blankets tried to eat me.

I was laying there the way I had been, everything felt the way it really
did, but then I felt the blankets gently, but very firmly, tighten down. It
freaked me out a little and I tried to keep my eyes open and I was looking
at the window shade. My eyes kepts wanting to close and I felt like my brain
was just being sucked down into sleep but when I had my eyes open (only
probably not really) I saw something like an animation before it's colored
dancing on the shade. Some little character like Yosemite Sam or something.
(is that even how you spell that? it doesn't look right but I believe that's
the first time I've ever tried to write it)

I had more odd dreams later but I don't remember them.
forget me nots

tired, Frederick's, sparkles

I'm tired. So I was moving a little slowly this morning. I didn't have time
to eat breakfast. I'm not really hungry though, just tired. Maybe when I get
back from work I'll eat my bowl of cereal I didn't have time for this
morning and then go to bed for a couple hours. I know sometime today I need
to wash my hair I feel icky and greasy. I don't think you can really tell
though so that's good at least. Sadly it was disguising the greasiness of my
hair that made me late this moning and made me miss my breakfast. Stupid
hair grease. >:(

I've noticed in the Frederick's of Hollywood catalogue lately they've been
making the breasts look weird. Unnaturally weird. Like they're digitally
manipulating and enhancing... only it's not a good thing. It's just wierd
looking. There are some photos where they look painted on sort of like the
boobs on those t-shirts that are supposed to be night shirts or bathing suit
cover-ups and they have a painted on picture of a "sexy" body in a bikini
that's supposed to give the sort of humorous sort of illusion that the
person wearing it really looks like that. I'll have to find a picture of one
later when I get the chance. Anyway I don't think they used to mess up the
pictures that way. I mean they never looked natural. The people in them
never look the way normal people will look. Gravity just makes it so that
breasts don't usually do those things unsupported. But at least they looked
like actual breasts posed unnaturally.

Today I am wearing Candy Fluff dusting powder and I am quite twinkly. I
still don't really dig that pink candy smell but it fades nicely enough. And
I don't *hate* it any more. I don't know if I'll buy it again. If I did it
would probably be just for the sparkles. I have plenty of other things with
sparkles though. I have 3 sparkle or shimmer massage bars and two tasty
sparkle dusting powders that aren't really powders and are really just more
like edible sparkles. I think I'm set.