May 12th, 2006

forget me nots

breakfast, butch walker, need to buy work clothes

I am full of fiber and protein from breakfast this morning. Yay to that.
That Kashi stuff is good for that sort of thing. I actually mixed Kashi with
some Bran Buds and had it with Silk Very Vanilla soymilk (which is much much
better than the regular vanilla). So I think I ended up with something like
23g of fiber and probably 17g of protein.

On the drive to work I listened to the Butch Walker mix that Rick made me.
Yay! There is a lot of good stuff on there. I had kind of forgotten about it
but we were talking about it when we all went out Friday night. I still need
to make him a CD or two.

Mike is coming back today. Yay! We're getting together tomorrow.

Today I should look for summer work clothes. Boring cheap things from Meijer
and Wal-mart. I'd go for nicer stuff but I don't have the money for it when
a.) I'm still chubby and b.) it's just for work, which amounts to like 4
hours of my day. I at least try for things I could wear for real if I want
to. I feel better about spending the money at all if the clothes can pull
double duty. But if they can't, that's fine too as I'm not out too much.

I smell like yellow cake batter. (it's BPAL Sugar Cookie 05)