May 8th, 2006

forget me nots


Not sure if it will work to enter in the location the way it works with
other things but I guess I'll see when I get to check later. I'm just happy
to be able to post this way at all. I don't have access to anything
otherwise. So post by email is a fabulous feature.

This morning I had macaroni & cheese for breakfast. I like cheese. I was
running late. I didn't get up until the alarm went off. I need to reset it
for maybe 10-12 minutes earlier. The way it is now it messes up my morning
schedule. Usually it doesnt matter because usually I wake up at 5:30. Last
night Steve was doing some super-mega-loud snoring that kept me from falling
asleep right away. Either he finally quit or I finally fell asleep anyway.
Good thing, I was thinking I might have to smother him.

I want a nap.

dream about star_holder

I had a dream about star_holder. I was visiting her? Staying over at her house? Or some relative of hers. And... I think she could time travel by going through some particular path or spot in her house. And go back to normal by going back through some other point. So while you were between points, you were in this other time. I think there were two places she could do this. It sounds silly and like it doesn't make sense now.. but really, in the dream it made perfect sense. I was carrying a big thick book and sometimes a magazine and we were doing this using both of methods. I wish I remembered it better now but there was some more napping after the dream happened.