May 7th, 2006


friday night

I actually meant to post more than just links yesterday but then by the time I got to that point in the day I didn't feel like it any more. I was tired and my head wanted to hurt. Then I had some food and felt sort of nauseated. So I went to bed instead!

Going to have breakfast here in a minute so I suppose I might have to write later.

Matt, Rick, Steve and I went out drinking Friday night and I did not stop when I should have. So I was just a little more tipsy than I intended. Ah well. I did find out that they make real long island ice teas at the Pub. And then later when we went back to Retro, I found out what goes into those Superman shots. That pleases me. I want to make myself some and just drink it by the glass. For many reasons that would probably be a bad idea. But it's so tasty!

ok it's food time. More later!
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coffee cup

ready for the day

Making my way through my heavily cocoa'ed coffee. It's not quite hot any more. I got distracted. It's not quite cold yet though so I'll make it.

It looks like it might be pretty today so I should get in the shower and get moving. Shouldn't waste a lovely looking Sunday in the house.

Perhaps today I can take some film in to Ritz, hopefully see Greg and ask him some questions for Mike. I also need summer shoes. Just everyday shoes. Hard to imagine. Even harder to imagine if you could see how many shoes I have. But I don't have anything to just wear all the time. Part of wearing them all the time means that before too long they will be dirty and stinky and icky.

Ok time to get clean!

Almost forgot to add this: this amused me.
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