April 11th, 2006

forget me nots

wine, pen, good morning, mikale, typo

This amused me. It sounds dirty.

"The wine shows admirable grip, length and penetration."

I'm not sure I know what that is supposed to mean. But then, I don't know

I have a bunny Peep pen. It's cute. They make Peep stuffed toys. I want an
army of the bunnies. I don't know what I'd do with them, I just think I
would like them in all different colors.

This morning I actually managed coffee, real breakfast, *and* getting to
work not just on time, but early. Crazy.

Today I am picking Mikale up from school so I need to go to Mary's after I
get out of work and get a car seat. Hopefully I'll be able to remember where
the place is. Mikale's school, that is, not Mary's.

I was just about to send this and decided to read through it for any big
ugly typos. Glad I did. The first time I typed it, I said I had a bunny poop
pen. Amusing, but not quite true.