April 9th, 2006

coffee cup

movies, starting day

Yesterday Steve and I went and had lunch at the Deli that's in the health food store. They moved a while back to a bigger place and that's when they added it in. Good stuff. Yay food! I bought a book and some supplements as well. C, B complex, and Zinc. Then we rented a bunch of movies. Last night we watched Just like Heaven and Skeleton Key.

Today we watched The Aristocrats (which I really enjoyed) and we have two more movies to watch later. I think we're going to actually leave the house in a bit though. After I finish drinking my coffee. I think I'd like to stop at Old Navy and see if there's anything worth trying on. I seem to be having a not too fat weekend. I got a skirt yesterday. I have no idea what to wear with it. It's cute though.

It looks like it might be nice outside. At least it's not snowing.